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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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as france celebrates military success in mali we take a closer look at the possible complications the campaign could bring. egypt's military chief says his country is on the verge of collapse but says the army will stand firm as protesters ignore curfews in another night of violent anti were seen protests. and president obama looks to police chiefs of the u.s. cities devastated by deadly mass shootings to support tougher gun control rules but many there still defend their right to bear arms.
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here with our live from moscow many so now with our top story this hour and president francois along tazz held france's military intervention in mali as a success the malayan army has made big advances against islamist insurgents all with the assistance of french troops but the victory may not be as clear cut as it seems let's not get the details from our tease tom barton he joins us in the studio so tom how was the campaign unfolded over the past two and a half weeks or so are they facing serious resistance here well it seems no that the not they haven't really faced a very much resistance to toll so the campaign starts with french troops about two and a half weeks ago sweeping up from the center of the country up to with these these islamist held areas meeting very little resistance really they all they go on their
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. is an incident here in qana where in fact a french helicopter strike killed some civilians apart from that though the french had been welcomed with with street parties and crowds coming out to greet the convoys as they arrived in each of these towns the islamist militants retreating not wanting to stand and fight many people thinking that they have been retreating further into the deserts in the north there's only one town of appreciable size left to capture after the fall of of timbuktu without nearly without a shot fired and then it seems that the next stage of the operation will be to try and hunt out islamist militants who have gone to hide in the desert and many observers think that it's possible a guerrilla war may result in the desert there after that there is also increased involvement from other countries and ecowas force of west african troops
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about seven thousand five hundred of them are coming into mali to take over some garrison duties and steadily take over the fighting role from the french there's also been talk and brussels of e.u. troops being sent to train some of the local soldiers and the u.k. has announced it's going to send a small force but then other soldiers also to protect those those troops sent to train local soldiers as well and a new house was already involved as well and it was there was absolutely so far the u.s. has been sending aerial support it's been sending transport planes refueling planes it seems now though it's reported that the u.s. may be in negotiations with an easy chair next to mali over the possibility of a drone base there and those drones flying from near the border with mali could take part in these operations to try and hunt out islam is militants there there's
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also been talk of a u.s. base down in. so to the south of mali the details of that not really clear at the moment it is worth noting though. is very rich in natural resources oil gold you rhenium a lot of those exports go to france and the u.s. so we have talk of drones a u.s. base how far could this possibly spread question on many people's lips as the as the first phase of this operation winds up where are these militants going to go where is the violence going to go and it has been noted that in nigeria to the south of new. the french oil company total has evacuated some of its staff there one of its staff. was kidnapped by militants who have stated they are going to carry out a campaign of terror in nigeria as a response to this french intervention in mali and that french citizens there the
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french government has said should leave the country raising the fears that around the region this fighting as the militants are pushed out of the strongholds they've been in they could scatter all over the place and spread violence with them or it might be a fair argument then to say that the french might be getting a little bit ahead of themselves by claiming this is been a successful mission and we of course will continue to track the campaign tom burton thanks for that update. let's now get some more analysis on the situation jeremy corbin a labor member of the u.k. parliament now joins us live thanks for being with us this afternoon david cameron has said there would be no u.k. army boots on african turf we just heard from our reporter there why the change of heart. well david cameron is getting sucked into something i don't think he's seriously thought through two weeks ago we started offering transport planes
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to france we then sent force protection to back up the transport planes we sent trainers and we have additional force protection to protect them we then have surveillance aircraft going overhead and there are reports of u.k. special forces i think we're being dragged into this war and it reminds me very much the french reaction of afghanistan in two thousand and one it was all hunky dory for the first few days and then it was quiet for a few months and then they were dragged into a groove the war which is now going on for eleven years. but it does seem though that u.k. authorities british authorities i should say are are quite cautious about what's happening here do you really think it could go that far as to any rock or in afghanistan like situation. where i think british military forces and sources are very cautious of this because they're quite concerned very unclear what the long term french or gender is and but the danger is the more you send any
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troops in trainers over anything else just suppose something awful happens like one of the training groups is killed by what it to be insurgent forces what then happens you then go after those groups who then have a greater british military involvement we could get sucked in by the position of mission creep and my concern is that the. to be addressing the political issues that underlie this conflict one is the government in mali that going power through. and secondly the underlying issue which is the demands of the. mons and never addressed in the conciliation doesn't take place then quite clearly some of those people we attracted to al qaida and al qaida will exploit the situation there are some signs of division yes but it seems to me that we may well be in for a quite a long high tech surveillance warfare being conducted by the french and possibly
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was britain and others as. against people that know the terrain very well will be hidden by the local population this could be a very long and very nasty conflict. the french have been criticized as labeling this sort of a humanitarian intervention kind of in to help save the day but have been accused of this being a resource grabbing mission what is in it for the u.k. why that region. well the u.k. and france are quite close on an awful lot of resources use and indeed whilst the companies involved in the mineral exploitation of mali tend to be french that's not to say there isn't a british involvement in the also the question of huge quantities of gas that are supplied from algeria to france and of course it's not that difficult for some of that gas also to be then sold on to britain was britain doesn't import very much
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directly from algiers and i reason why it couldn't in the future so this is seen by the europeans particularly france and britain as a resource war the french do present it as a humanitarian intervention that is true but they seem remarkably relaxed almost about the appalling behavior of the mahdi army which has been carrying out summary executions and some of the terms that it's got so i think that is something quite difficult to see how this is going to be quickly or easily resolved this loose talk about it will reopen a few months seems of far off the mark to me jeremy corbyn the labor party m.p. joining us live on the line from atlanta thank you for that analysis. i spoke. to the head of egypt's army is warning that the country is on the verge of collapse after almost a week of violent unrest between the government and opposition militias earlier the
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cabinet pushed through along giving the military the power of a rast while the president declared a state of emergency and curfews in three provinces this was ignored by protesters who took to the streets and mass across the country calling for regime change in cairo crowds continued to clash with security forces leaving piles of burning debris in the streets there was no breakthrough in the town as a compromise as the opposition ignored a cause for a national dialogue by the president but dr fave political sociologist at the american university in cairo says a settlement is nowhere to be seen. of logging was a president what what was called the national dialogue has been a failure and so do don't want to give the person the n.e.p. of a photo opportunity the they are all sitting and nothing happens there were many experiences in which opposition would say it was the government and the president agree on
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something and then after a while you'll find that there was no agreement and that is why the decided not to join also the feel that the president the government the current government is in trouble and so they don't want to give it a new lease of life support so that the government becomes stronger again so the future this is the time to persia talk as far as we can tell that we are egypt is going to be unstable for some time before all parties the allies the cost of keeping this conflict is going to be too damaging for everybody once you all realize that nobody is going to be we know if this conflict continues then we will have democracy but as long as some people believe that we will be winning if we keep perjuring and decision of the government and the government believes that if they keep persia having the opposition there would be women there would be no stability in the country. president barack obama has met with police chiefs from
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cities in the us where mass shootings have occurred he wants their support for a review of the country's gun control policy obama's proposal of tougher gun regulations and a ban on assault weapons has divided public opinion with many standing by the constitution second amendment the right to bear arms r t is going to cap reports. white house proposals to regulate gun sales there are a wave of protest among those who believe the second amendment of the constitution is in danger as are amendment that there are a right arms it is a god given right to the sanctity of the second amendment to meet heated national debate someone makers of even threaten to impeach the president to protect the constitution we're going to use every tool possible to fly in the ministration which once every great constitution but do u.s. lawmakers feel strongly about all amendments of that same constitution last month congress seamlessly without much ado passed legislation which gives the government
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sweeping powers to eavesdrop on communications and review e-mails of anyone they want it's called the foreign intelligence surveillance act the president amendments act completely is an infringement on your fourth amendment right against unlawful search and seizure and basically does away with the probable cause requirement there's been no national debate on the fourth amendment the mainstream media have been mute on the subject so to score it now is that people don't even know about it if you're really savvy and you read a lot of online media you might have heard about pfizer being reauthorized otherwise you're just totally unaware of it and how can you have an opinion on something that you're unaware of that proved to be true as we went out to ask people whether they knew what feisal was than what it could do to their fourth amendment rights have you heard about five. letters no no i'm sorry i think i have some idea that it has to do with our taxes but i don't really know but not
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surprisingly the same people did have opinions on gun control to keep our guns were pretty pro-gun control right now the government spying bill is not the only legislation that sneaked under the radar of public debate indefinite detention of americans without trial made legal is seen by many lawyers as a blatant violation of the fifth amendment which guarantees due process that was. something that should have been discussed in the presidential debates and people were begging the moderators to mention this it was never mentioned it was just not a part of the debates the constitution may be sacred to many in the us but it seems in washington to bypass it it's enough to say to magic words national security to do is pass these bills i feel like all that has to happen is literally like dianne feinstein waves a letter and says national security and they fear mongering begins and shuts down any kind of debate yet we're having a freewheeling debate on guns some argue it's money that keeps the gun debate at
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the forefront the national rifle association reportedly spent around twenty four million dollars on congressional elections last year and even more on lobbying to an extent when even as the majority of americans support some regulation on guns gun is to zeerust believe no substantive legislation will be passed by the congress he is not going to be able to get anything through congress so i think that the second amendment will be ok the meeting in the u.s. essentially broke into two camps each bringing all kinds of arguments against the other both sides again and again reading into the text of the second amendment arguing what proposal would or would not be infringe on the people's rights as nasty as they get sometimes but that's what a national debate should look like but one can't help asking where was that big that heated debate when other liberties were at stake in washington i'm going to check out. well coming up very soon for you catch and guns first extremist
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later as the syrian opposition goes cap'n ham to france for aid to topple president also we asked how will then deal with the militants that are inundating their country. and the number of homeless in britain looks set. to rise dramatically with many people believing their new government policies will only further aggravate the situation those stories and much more just ahead after this break. wealthy british scientists are. trying to write. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. language. of holy week over the influential some of. the consensus here to. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that in life choose the access to.
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watching our live from moscow cereals rebel coalition is in paris to plead for aid and political backing to overthrow the assad regime the opposition needs money to stay viable but its efforts to form a provisional government have so far failed this is france warns islamic militants could gain ground and plunge the country into further chaos if cash flow is not
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secured or to caught up with one of the leaders of the opposition and asked him what he thinks is needed to bring peace to syria. we need this some new weapons against airplanes you know because bashar assad says. airplanes to damage villages and cities and the civilians we need to protect ourselves our children from killing every day we have more than sixteen thousand children were dead for at least twenty two months ago something unbelievable it's a lot right so to help syrian people and to help and syrian crisis you need weapons and money is that is that correct yeah sure sure and we need. support also who can cooperate with a man killed more than sixty thousand people we are concerned but we are
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not afraid you know because of the majority of fight terror groups in syria is not extremist is not dearest only fighting for freedom and dignity and what a loss or group from iraq are these people fighting for freedom and democracy is why they're fighting for freedom and democracy but maybe we will face some problem with them anyway they are just a small part of their evolution is here. but these people are recognized even by french president as exists remissness and terrorists all over the word you can find extremists but they're not very or picture only a small part of it please denies that. so you are absolutely sure that you will be able to control them these people you're very sure very sure about that.
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now i have some news just send in terms of syria here in our team we're getting reports that the bodies of dozens of young men found shot dead with their hands tied behind their backs have been found in aleppo all executed with a gunshot wound to the head or neck will continue to follow those developments coming in and bring you the latest as we get it meanwhile the opposition has been adamant that extremists make up only a small fraction of the armed rebels and will be easy to control in the future well historian gerald horne isn't buying into that scenario we are reassured by your guest that if the if the dissidents come to power they'll be able to handle elements for fraud but there will be an dissidents at the same play when they were with nato in two thousand and eleven and toppling colonel gadhafi now they're seeking to do the same thing in syria which suggests that they have not learned even the most recent lessons of history now we see that in been ghazi which was the
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cradle of the revolt against gadhafi the north atlantic countries as their nationals to believe in god because resumed impending terrorist attacks watched by those they just helped into power so i think we should get with a grain of salt what your guest said in that interview there putting civilians in harm's way by wanting attacks from crowded urban communities i was also struck by the fact that your guess that he would not be involved in any negotiation with the assad regime the way wars in is that she would go sheik with those who are shooting at you and that is how this war should end but if they refused to negotiate that tends to suggest that this conflict will continue indefinitely. on our website right now for you while people vent their anger at government consecrations finance minister is painting a bright future for the country find out the source of his optimism at r.t.
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dot com. around when mark is about to get a facelift a luxury fashion brand is ready to pour out millions for its restoration go online for all the cheap. britain which was once proud of having some of the most effective legislation in the world to fend off homelessness now has over fifty thousand people sleeping rough and with the government are soaring public sector spending cops in an attempt to battle the country's financial troubles the number of homeless people is only expected to rise arteries probably boyko went to meet some of those living on the streets. it's freezing cold wet and hungry there's nowhere to go. and no money in your pocket this street is all you've got and there's no one that will help you welcome to birmingham the case capital
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homelessness. remember. it should drop water on the one. who shouldn't be home or there's a lot of people who called me a short time to be real rock carpark were people really. all over the place this is why god cut their years and yet the bridges are here michael is by no means alone in fact the number of homeless people in britain has skyrocketed by twenty five percent since twenty ten reaching fifty thousand people in twenty twelve the biggest spike in the city of birmingham you don't think again people can see you could be walking posture you could be sleeping next to warsaw. for every. the coldness is stupid specially this time we had to go for four
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days on the phone to eight twenty one year old matt fled his family home where he came to blows with his stepfather he had to sleep rough before being granted emergency shelter in a birmingham hostel it's run by a charity that helps anyone down and out to find employment and get back on their feet looking for work and what i want to download job really from the moment which i'm trying to get it stand you'll second stay at the hospital in three years after growing up in an out of foster care he's struggled to keep a roof over his head you going to do whatever it takes to find some way to snape following morning. help and support the scariest thing like you know you still go face all over again there just isn't enough low cost housing available and with unemployment rising hostels just like this one desperately need to expand the figures from the local authority of people presented as homeless having
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creased on average by about four hundred percent. for the growing homeless community squatting in one of the city's twelve thousand empty homes used to be an option anymore just before the winter set in westminster upgraded sporting from a civil matter to a criminal offense predictions that it would translate to more rough sleepers on the streets came true there are a lot of deprived areas in birmingham there are people that don't have working. with it being such a one time an industrialized center working class families but those jobs just don't exist anymore so i suppose that the poverty is just sort of breaking the poverty and the reese the reason big mix of paper in the population and expanding the housing stock is and you know it's reached that point where it's just spilling over and can't cope anymore and with more government budget cuts kicking enough to
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rate prole many more britons are predicted to slip through the net as the housing crisis escalates probably boyko r t birmingham. i'm max after a short break and stacey expose the dark secrets of the global financial industry stay with us. briefly asco actually caused a fiasco by singing a song highly critical of president obama ironically at a concert in honor of his second inauguration according to the huffington post he was thrown off stage by security for insulting the dear leader the sounds really bad like something out of one thousand nine hundred four were thugs come out of nowhere the second you say something out of line about the party. to the song loop it was singing had been going on for thirty minutes at that point this rant was
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more like a hip hop filibuster stopping the whole show and dragging on and on and on the so i think security just wanted to silence him in general not silence his anti obama opinions so you know loopy next time when you want to bring up obama's drone usage or total disregard for the constitution then keep it under three minutes and everything will be just fine but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report on max kaiser the end of the currency war is near you can tell because the japanese special currency attack units are being deployed yes to kamakazi currency traders aka the comic character raiders have been ordered
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to the front line of the currency war stacey max yes you know that this currency war is raging as the u.s. dollar collapses and the latest big step of course has been germany asking for their gold back. on sweden netherlands austria everybody's looking for their gold where the heck is our gold well over there in japan where they were famous for their kamikazes especially from one thousand nine hundred four the end of the war revolutionary japan is suddenly the center of world affairs so japan may not slide into genteel oblivion after all to the surprise of the japanese people their country is smack in the middle of two riveting dramas that threaten to upturn the global strategic landscape in short order of course we see the conflict the hot war build between japan and china but the majority of this piece is about.


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